Artificial Intelligence in Energy & Utilities

Artificial Intelligence in Energy & Utilities

Artificial Intelligence in Energy & Utilities

AI in Utilities Empowers and Personalises the Utilities Customer Experience

MyWave and Energy Case Study - Customer Service :

Instead of calling into a Call Centre, customers use the MyWave Platform to proactively and reactively assist in getting the outcomes they are looking for from their Energy Company. The customer simply types their request in Natural Language providing any relevant context.  Common queries or outcomes requested include:

  • I want an extension on my bill to next month
  • Am I on the right energy plan?
  • Pay my bill in instalments
  • I want to pay my bill
  • Help me apply for a discount (for social welfare beneficiaries)

The MyWave Platform will then use the context of how you’ve asked the question and what you’ve asked for, the information it already knows and it’s understanding of the business to guide the customer to the optimal outcome with the least effort possible.  For example, if it already knows a piece of information, its not going to ask.  It will have industry context as to whether your Energy plan is suited to you and it will know if you have asked it something before which relates to your current query. 

 This contextual understanding becomes very important when the customer is asking for something like an extension on their bill.  If the customer is someone who has historically struggled to pay their bill and has multiple extensions on which they may have defaulted, it would be unethical to simply offer the customer another extension.  The platform is intelligent enough to understand that it needs to have a different kind of conversation with that customer and may suggest scheduling a discussion with the Energy Company’s hardship team. 

 The MyWave Platform is also able to combine personal data, context, intelligence and automation to simply get customers their outcome more quickly and accurately.  In markets where Social Welfare Beneficiaries receive a discount on their energy bill, MyWave takes a 30-minute process on a Call Centre and reduces it to less than 30 seconds through Intelligent Personalisation. 

Whatever the outcome, the MyWave Platform provides ongoing proactive support.  This could be anything from letting the customer know they are no longer on the best Energy Plan because their energy consumption pattern has changed to prompting and facilitating their payment once they have asked for a payment extension. 

Customer On-Boarding

Signing up to a new Energy Plan is never particularly enjoyable. The onus is placed heavily on the customer to understand enough about the Energy Industry to choose the right plan for them.  The MyWave platform takes the guesswork out of this.  It makes use of your Energy Consumption Pattern and analysis of ‘people like you’ to suggest plans that might work best for you and your preferences.  If solar and green energy is important, the Platform also orchestrates and assists the customer when installing solar panels, choosing green energy plans or helping save money on Broadband or Insurance.  

Simplifying Complex Processes with Customer Centred Intelligence

Most clients have siloed, lengthy business processes which have high friction for the customer and high costs to serve for the Enterprise.  MyWave's Intelligent Personalisation with its 'Brain' data model centred on the customer creates personalised end to end outcomes for customers simply and easily.  

Simple Summary Case Study of MyWave and Energy, ROI in less than 12 Months

Customer Centred Outcome Examples

  • Know me, remember me, my home, how I use energy
  • Make sure I am on right energy plan for me
  • Help me pay my energy bill, get me a payment plan if I can’t afford it that month, get me the right energy discount based on whether I am on social security
  • Enable me to share my solar energy output with my family members
  • Seamless frictionless experience on boarding, getting connected, additional services beyond Energy 

Enterprise Benefits from Customer Centred Outcomes deploying Intelligent Personalisation by:

  • Removing cost through simplifying customer journeys through Intelligent processes
  • Automating tasks through Proactive Followup Actions
  • Freeing Staff up for more value add activities
  • Decreasing cost by offloading call centre volumes
  • Improving customer service and customer outcomes
  • Increasing Revenue through Reducing churn and increasing customer stickiness
  • Enabling next generation business models for energy companies around solar - energy generation, energy sharing.
  • Enabling end to end Customer Centred Outcomes across Ecosystems