AI in Travel and Tourism

AI in Travel and Tourism

AI in Travel and Tourism

Using AI in the Travel Industry puts you in the Pilot Seat

Travel is an intensely personal experience whether you travel on your own for business or on holiday with your family.  Everyone has their personal preferences, their usual routines and habits.  In today’s experience, these are not Intelligent. Your preferences, personal data and family preferences data are spread across a myriad of different airlines, hotel websites and apps. You have to enter information again and again even when you are just doing the usual weekly flight to Melbourne, staying at the same hotel.  Today no one remembers you or provides you with end to end travel services centred on you and your family. Even trying to change a ticket because you are ill is usually a long wait with an airline call centre.

Case Study example of MyWave and Travel:

Intelligent Personalisation at scale transforms the travel experience. The Intelligent Journey with MyWave's ‘Personal Cloud Brain’ centred on you and your family’s personal data can draw data from anywhere under your permission and control – with the Bank who knows you are saving for a holiday, the credit card where you are booking the tickets, the airline or website where you are booking the travel and accommodation or travel insurance.

 MyWave's Intelligent Personalisation always remembers you, it remembers your preferences, it knows these preferences are different if you travel alone on business or are travelling with your family.  It knows the hotels you like and room preferences.  It knows your food preferences, the entertainment you enjoy. 

MyWave will pro-actively suggest flight, accommodation, rental car options if it’s a pattern you travel every week.  

Intelligent Personalisation of Travel is the next big opportunity for all enterprises with an interest in Travel. It is the ideal ecosystem-based service leveraging data centred on the customer and their family members.  Airlines, Hotels, Banks, Credit Card companies, Travel, Lifestyle, Insurance and Leisure companies can drive these ecosystems and get the benefit of much better data, deeper customer insights and deliver end to end Travel outcomes.


Simple Summary Case Study of MyWave and Travel, ROI in less than 12 Months

Customer Centred Outcome Examples

  • Know me, remember me, serve me better
  • Use existing data pillars and my preferences for getting outcomes I need, make it easy
  • Provide End to End Travel outcomes centred on me and my family 
  • Save me Time - 'Same Again' for usual business or holiday trips acting like my personal Travel Concierge
  • Get me the Products and Services relevant to me and my family's preferences
  • Help me Save Money
  • Suggest Holiday experiences based on mine and my family's preferences 
  • Help me get better deals on the items I pay for or what I am saving for 
  • Intelligent personalised services around the Home, Travel and Finance, insurance, credit cards, house sitter, pet-friendly hotels etc

Enterprise Benefits from Customer Centred Outcomes deploying Intelligent Personalisation by:

  • Automating and simplify processes to take out costs for Airlines, Hotels and travel businesses
  • Offloading from Call Centres
  • Reduce the need for Personal Assistants or Agents to book business travel  
  • Taking out/freeing up people
  • Deepening customer relationships with relevant personalised products and services
  • Improving revenue growth through more valuable end to end client products and services
  • Redefining the personalised Travel experience
  • Enhancing customer service and customer outcomes centred on the customer
  • Increasing NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • Leveraging Data and Relationships, enabling Ecosystem business relationships around Home, Business and Travel